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Peach & Mandarin
Rasberry & Hibiscus


We made our product with people like you in mind. You like water, but sometimes you may not drink enough of it, or sometimes you wish your water had a little bit of something extra – and you know what, we feel you. You want a bit of flavour, maybe a little bit of fruitiness or perhaps some fizz? Well let’s just say we’re your new best friends and have created your new go to drink.

You may or may not know this, but Fruit Splash has been around for almost two decades and we were the very first flavoured water in Australia. You could say we are the originals and we are proudly Australian owned and made. Our range began way back in 1992, when we decided to combine our Aqua Pura range with natural fruit flavour, lightly sweetened to enhance the fruity taste. With Wildberry and Tropical in the mix, we have been a crowd favourite across the nation, enticing customers with our naturally fruity water.

Then we got to thinking, with sugar becoming a growing interest particularly in beverages – we thought we would appeal to those who crave a bit of sweetness, but don’t want the sugar or the calories. Hmmm… a range that contains no sugar, no sweetener and doesn’t compromise taste... Impossible? We think not, because our new range is bursting with natural fruity flavour - minus the sugar, calories and guilt.

That’s not to say we don’t still love our original range, but we know that everyone is different and we love that! That’s why we like to offer you the choice to make your own decisions based on your own lifestyle.

Sugar, no sugar, still water, sparkling water - like we said, we’ve got you covered. From us to you, Fruit Splash, the essence of refreshment.

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